This week’s theme is “Comfort/warmth”.

I bought this pair of running shoes a couple of days ago. My old New Balance shoes had ripped open in several spots and I had been meaning to replace them for around 3 months. I finally got around to it. With this pair, I’m back to wearing Reebok again :)

As with all shoes, it takes me a while to break them in and really get my feet used to them (hence comfort). I wore them to the gym yesterday and did some sports training. Mostly involved running with a rope ladder on the floor, jumping on benches, push ups and so on. I used to do this sort of training back in middle school when I went to football camp for a couple of summers. I remember it being a lot easier back then. Now all I can feel is my core hurting, my lungs struggling to keep up and my heart thudding. Still, this is the sort of workout that I really enjoy doing. Makes me feel like I’ve achieved something when I’m done.