This is another Berkeley picture. It was rained out again.

Somehow that resulted in me eating like a pig. I had a huge waffle for breakfast with orange juice:

For lunch, I met up with Suraj and went to the local korean joint. I ate a tofu stew with vegetable dumplings. It was delicious. For once, I didn’t even burn my tongue!

Since we’d put in so much heat into our bodies, we decided to go to Yogurtland after. That was delicious as well.

For dinner, I went to a local pizzeria with Alex, Sumit and Tejas. I’ve always loved this place. The owner, Robert, is a super nice guy, and they make deep dish pizza. My real introduction to pizza was in Michigan, so I’m firmly in the camp of Chicago style pizza, not New York style pizza. New York style pizza is fine, and I do enjoy it from time to time, it’s just not pizza :) Right after pizza, we went back to Yogurtland.

It only took me a week to go back to being a bottomless pit. Sigh.

On a totally unrelated note, I’m going to use this opporunity to rant about something that’s been bugging me about Facebook. I posted these Berkeley photos to Facebook a couple of days ago. I got 1 like on the album and none on the photos. But, when I posted the photo of my tofu stew, I got 4 likes. This just blows my mind. I think the photos of Berkeley are an order of magnitude better. People have told me in person that they really liked them. I just find it mind boggling that Facebook totally fails to reflect this. S thinks that it’s because people respond to things that evoke an emotional response in them and apparently food does a much better job of that than Bancroft Library. She may be right about that. I think it may have more to do with how and when the photos get posted to Facebook. For instance, I’d bet that if you post through Instagram, it stays on people’s news feeds longer, and if you post during lunch hour as opposed to early in the morning it shows up on more people’s newsfeeds. Bottom line is though, I don’t really understand why it works this way and it’s frustrating.