My wallet had gotten huge so I decided to get rid of all the crap I had in it that I no longer needed it. As I was cleaning it, I came across these four Id cards (I’ve blurred out some details).

My MCard was by far the most used and hence the dirtiest. It reminds me of an incident in my last year of college. I used my MCard as photo Id to pick up a package at my apartment. The person at the desk refused to give me the package because she said I looked nothing like the photo (I guess that’s what adding 30KG does to your face). I had to go fetch another photo Id to prove to her that I was the person I was claiming to be.

The Cottons card reminds me that I hadn’t shaved a single time until I graduated. As a result, I had a really hairy face for around a year or so. At the time of course, I kept saying I had no facial hair. Looking back at photos from the Prefects’ Investiture and Graduation I look like a hairy gorilla.

My two summers I spent in Berkeley were awesome. My love for the Bay Area started during my summers there, and it is still one of my favorite places in the world. I can safely say that those two summers changed the way I look at a lot of things in life.