This week’s theme is “Memories”. Deepavali is almost on us. This of course, means that it’s time to go buy fire crackers. My brother and mother went to Hosur a couple of days ago to bring back this stuff. I used to love setting these off as a kid. Back in our Banashankari house, my brother and I would try to break PVC pipes, mosaic tiles and plastic bottles by setting off Lakshmi Bombs, Netaji Bombs, Hydrogen Bombs and so on (not to worry – these aren’t all that dangerous, they’re just noisy). We would also try to set them off in piles of cow dung in front of other people’s houses in an effort to get their doors plastered with flecks of cow dung. In hindsight, this was a horrible thing to do, but we had loads of fun doing it.

I don’t remember when this happened, but at some point I lost interest in setting off fire crackers (I suppose being away from home for 7 years didn’t help matters). Thinking about it now, it all seems like it was in another life.